Our Company offers all kinds of outdoor advertising opportunities both in St. Petersburg and Leningrad area. We develop complex programs on outdoor ad distribution and make advertising designs of any complexity. This site will guide you through the advertising possibilities of our unique brand of outdoor advertising, and our employees will happy to develop and introduce an effective and efficient advertising campaign promoting your merchandise.

1: Размещение наружной рекламы в Санкт-Петербурге

Outdoor advertisement distribution in St.Petersburg

Outdoor advertising in St.-Petersburg includes advertising not only in streets and squares, but also advertisement distribution in and on public transport, at stations, airports, gas stations, shopping centers, etc. Different kinds of carriers allow to place advertising practically in any part of the city, including historical centers.

2: Размещение наружной рекламы в Ленинградской области

Outdoor advertisement distribution in Leningrad area

Outdoor advertisement distribution in Leningrad area includes AD distribution on highways (roads and gas stations), in suburbs of St.Petersburg, and in the regional centers of Leningrad region.

3: Изготовление наружной рекламы

Advertising manufacturing

"M-RUS" — the versatile company representing in Russian market all kinds of services in the field of outdoor advertising manufacturing. We provide a full complex of services on outdoor advertising manufacturing: design-projects, coordination with city instances, manufacturing of advertising designs of any complexity, installation, warranty and after warranty service and repair. Our manufacture base complies to advanced technology requirements and standards and the professionalism of our employees will allow you to realize your plan.

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Advertisement in subway of St.-Petersburg
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