Ad in Leningrad region


Ad in Leningrad region

Outdoor ad distribution in Leningrad region Is in great demand as well as St.-Petersburg ad in the market of advertising.

We offer advertising on bilboards on the side of intercity and regional roads : KAD SPb (the city”s ring-road), Rossia (Moscowskoe shosse), Skandinavia (Primorskoe, Viborgskoe shosse), Pskov (Kievskoe shosse), Narva (Tallinskoe shosse), Kola (Murmanskoe shosse), Sortavala (Priozerskoe shosse), on walls and roofs in St.-Petersburg suburbs and Leningrad region in regional centers/ towns (Viborg, Gatchina, Kirishi, Vsevolojsk, Priozersk, Luga, Pushkin, Petrodvorec, Pavlovsk, Sestroreck, Zelenogorsk, Sosnovii bor, Tosno)

The main ad carriers in Leningrad region are billboards 3х6, supersites 5x12, brandmauers, roof structures which are positioned on highly visible, heavy traffic locations such as expressways, primary arteries, and major intersections.

Murmanskoe shosse Viborgskoe shosse Tallinskoe shosse Moscowskoe shosse Kievskoe shosse KAD SPb
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