«M-RUS Co. Ltd.» provides a variety of important services to clients, including media planning and buying, complex campaign development and creation of advertisements in St.-Petersburg, Leningrad region and other cities. Departments of agency are located in St.-Petersburg. The cooperation and long time partnership with big international and Russian media agencies, united information base allows us to work successfully on all space of the Russian Federation.

«M-RUS Co. Ltd.» is a full service agency that allows complete successfully advertising projects of a various degree of complexity. Departments of the company work by specialization and as a whole form the tool that allows carry out an effective advertising campaign, i.e. to achieve recognition of a brand and to increase number of buyers.

Our resourceful and talented team prepares quick and detailed development of ad distribution programs individually by every request.

Working hours: 10am-6pm (Monday through Friday)
To book, find out more or to receive a media pack please contact a member of our team in Petersburg office:

+7 (812) 927-12-80



Изготовление рекламных конструкций
Изготовление рекламных конструкций

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